[R] R-Commander plug-in difficulties

AC Del Re delre at wisc.edu
Mon Feb 15 10:21:35 CET 2010

Hi All,

I have recently created an Rcmdr plugin package and it passed all the
checks and was uploaded to CRAN. I then downloaded it from CRAN and
tried running it from my local R program and received this error:

Error in f(libname, pkgname) : could not find function "getRcmdr"
Error in library(pkg, character.only = TRUE) :
  .First.lib failed for 'RcmdrPlugin.MAc'

In my .R file with all the relevant functions that are read into the
package, I have placed this at the top, which seems to be related to
one of the sources of error (?):

.packageName <- "RcmdrPlugin.MAc"

.First.lib <- function(libname, pkgname){
  if (!interactive()) return()
  Rcmdr <- options()$Rcmdr
plugins <- Rcmdr$plugins
if ((!pkgname %in% plugins) && !getRcmdr("autoRestart")) {
Rcmdr$plugins <- c(plugins, pkgname)
closeCommander(ask=FALSE, ask.save=TRUE)

I am not exactly sure how to proceed--I appreciate any suggestions.


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