[R] error message in endseq

nomis24 sischerger at gmx.de
Mon Feb 15 02:29:52 CET 2010

Hi there,
I am new to R and feel so bloody stupid. Abut in spite of a search of
several hrs I could not find an answer to my problem.

I have imported SPSS data to R, and apart from some warnings regarding
duplicate labels, everything looks fine and names lists all my variables.

Then I try to run a seqdef command - and get the error message below:

> fam.seq<- seqdef(family_seq, var= c ("fseq2_15", "fseq2_16",
> "fseq2_17","fseq2_18"," fseq2_19","fseq2_20","fseq2_21",        
+ "fseq2_22", "fseq2_23","fseq2_24", "fseq2_25",
"fseq2_26","fseq2_27","fseq2_28", "fseq2_29","fseq2_30", "fseq2_31",
+ "fseq2_34", "fseq2_35","fseq2_36", "fseq2_37",
"fseq2_38","fseq2_39","fseq2_40", "fseq2_41","fseq2_42", "fseq2_43",
+ "fseq2_46", "fseq2_47","fseq2_48", "fseq2_49", "fseq2_50"),
+ alphabet =c("1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8"),labels=c("not left-never
married-no children","not left -never married - at least 1 child","not left
-has married-no children" , "not left - has married -  at least 1
child","left - never married- no children" , "left - never married - at
least 1 child","left - has married - no children" , "left - has married - at
least 1 child"))
Error in subset.default(data, , var) : element 1 is empty;
   the part of the args list of 'is.logical' being evaluated was:

I understand that the problem seems to be with the list of variables I use
to define what my sequences are.
I tried changing lots of things but nothing helped.
Have I skipped an important step?

Many thanks for your help (I have to sleep now).


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