[R] Code working but too slow, any idea for how to speed it up ?(no loop in it)

anna lippelanna24 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 12 19:29:14 CET 2010

Hello my friends, 
here is a code I wrote with no loops on matrix that is taking too long (2
seconds and I call him 720 times --> 12 minutes):

mat1 and mat2 are both matrix with 103 columns and 164 rows.

sequence <- matrix(seq(1 : ncol(mat1)))

returns <- apply(sequence, 1, function, mat1= mat1, mat2 = mat2, day = 1)

function<- function(mat1, mat2, colNb, day){           
    mat1<- matrix(mat1[, colNb] )
    mat2<- matrix(mat2[, colNb])
    nbDays <- length(mat1)       
    returns <- abs(mat1[1:(nbDays - day)]) * ((as.ts(lag(mat2,
day))/as.ts(mat2))^mat1[1:(nbDays - day)] - 1)

I am wondering if the fact of using lag and ts is not slowering down the
code, any idea?

Anna Lippel
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