[R] heplot3d / rgl : example causes R GUI to crash

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Fri Feb 12 17:22:26 CET 2010

Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> I tracked this down.  It's a bug in rgl, but likely also a bug in 
> heplots. At line 93 of heplot3d.mlm.R, called from line 198 in the 
> same file, there's a call
>         texts3d(x[which.max(x[,2]),] + offset*ranges, adj=0, 
> texts=label, color=col, lit=FALSE)
> At this point "label" is NULL, and that crashes rgl.  I'll fix rgl so 
> there's no crash, but I suspect that heplots probably meant to pass a 
> non-null label here.
> Duncan Murdoch
Thanks, Duncan
I've now fixed heplot3d.mlm so this won't occur, but also my sample call,

heplot3d(soils.mod, variables=c("Mg", "Ca", "Na"), 

should have supplied a named list for hypotheses:
heplot3d(soils.mod, variables=c("Mg", "Ca", "Na"), 

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