[R] Help on loading "xlsx" package

Sharpie chuck at sharpsteen.net
Fri Feb 12 08:56:28 CET 2010

Steven Kang wrote:
> Dear R users,
> Im trying to load *"xlsx"* package which depends on *"xlsxjars"* and *
> "rJava"* packages.
> All the 3 packages (zipped files) are installed successfully in windows.
> I have added "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\client" to the PATH
> variable to get rJava working.
> However, the following error message results after inputting
> 'library(xlsx)'
> command.
> Any advice on resolving this issue would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks.
>> library(xlsx)
> Loading required package: xlsxjars
> Loading required package: rJava
> Error in importIntoEnv(impenv, impnames, ns, impvars) :
>   object '‘.DollarNames’' is not exported by 'namespace:utils'
> In addition: Warning messages:
> 1: package 'xlsx' was built under R version 2.10.1
> 2: package 'xlsxjars' was built under R version 2.10.1
> 3: package 'rJava' was built under R version 2.10.1
> Error: package 'rJava' could not be loaded

Well, the actual error message has nothing to do with the xlsx or rJava
packages-- it's complaining about something missing from the namespace of
the utils package.  Given the following:

  * utils is a base package distributed bundled with R

  * There are warnings that the packages you are trying to load were built
under a different version of R

  * I am using version 2.10.1 and utils::.DollarNames is present and

I would guess that you probably need to upgrade your version of R to 2.10.1
in order to use these packages.

Hope this helps!

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