[R] prompts and running means

Jim Burke j.burke at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 11 00:32:38 CET 2010

Perhaps the One R Tip a Day might be helpful.
The first part of this example saves a png file.


Good luck,

RagingJim wrote:
> Thanks mate, will get the zoo package ASAP. I have been working on the file
> open/save part, and it works as planned except for one bit. When I save it,
> it does not save as the relevant file type.
> This is again my code:
> require(tcltk)
> fileName<-tclvalue(tkgetSaveFile(filetypes="{{PNG Files} {.png}} "))
> png(fileName)
> barplot(Ann,main="Annual Rainfail Data", xlab="Year",ylab="Rainfall
> (mm)",ylim=c(0,ymax),col="blue",space=0,names.arg=c(kent[,2]),
> cex.names=0.8)
> legend("topleft",c("This picture"),bty="n")
> dev.off()
> When I go to save it, the corrent save window pops up, and it has the png
> file format selected, yet when I type in a name and save, it is saved
> without a file type. What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks again for your help

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