[R] Calculating mean for a number of columns

Steve Murray smurray444 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:18:18 CET 2010

Dear all,

I am attempting to perform what should be a relatively simple calculation on a number of data frame columns. I am hoping to find the average on a per-row basis for each of the 50 columns. If on a particular row a 'NA' value is encountered, then this should be ignored and the mean formed on the basis of the other rows. 

However, I'm finding that the end result for each row is identical (when it shouldn't be). I suspect I'm making a syntax error, but can't seem to spot it...

> PDSI_Jan  <- cbind(pdsi_195101[,1:2], mean(c(pdsi_195101[,3], pdsi_195201[,3], pdsi_195301[,3], pdsi_195401[,3], pdsi_195501[,3], pdsi_195601[,3], pdsi_195701[,3], pdsi_195801[,3], pdsi_195801[,3], pdsi_195901[,3], pdsi_196001[,3], pdsi_196101[,3], pdsi_196201[,3], pdsi_196301[,3], pdsi_196401[,3], pdsi_196501[,3], pdsi_196601[,3], pdsi_196701[,3], pdsi_196801[,3], pdsi_196901[,3], pdsi_197001[,3], pdsi_197101[,3], pdsi_197201[,3], pdsi_197301[,3], pdsi_197401[,3], pdsi_197501[,3], pdsi_197601[,3], pdsi_197701[,3], pdsi_197801[,3], pdsi_197901[,3], pdsi_198001[,3], pdsi_198101[,3], pdsi_198201[,3], pdsi_198301[,3], pdsi_198401[,3], pdsi_198501[,3], pdsi_198601[,3], pdsi_198701[,3], pdsi_198801[,3], pdsi_198901[,3], pdsi_199001[,3], pdsi_199101[,3], pdsi_199201[,3], pdsi_199301[,3], pdsi_199401[,3], pdsi_199501[,3], pdsi_199601[,3], pdsi_199701[,3], pdsi_199801[,3], pdsi_199901[,3], pdsi_200001[,3])), na.rm=TRUE)

The object structure for each of the data frames being used is as follows:

> str(pdsi_195101)
'data.frame':    2756 obs. of  3 variables:
 $ Latitude : chr  "-48.75" "-51.25" "-53.75" "-48.75" ...
 $ Longitude: Factor w/ 144 levels "-178.75","-176.25",..: 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 6 6 6 ...
 $ PDSI     : num  4.7 -1.94 -1.29 -0.68 -0.66 -0.49 -0.51 2.52 3.68 4.17 ...

Many thanks for any help offered,

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