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Tue Feb 9 18:32:05 CET 2010


(this might be a very simple question) 
My data is as follows (table name is student)
   Year    StudentsPassed
1  2000    300
2  2001    360
3  2002    450
4  2003    450
5  2004    270
6  2005    280
7  2006    400
8  2007    270

I want to plot a barplot so for this 

If I use barplot(students) it says "Error in barplot.default(students) :
'height' must be a vector or a matrix"

so I used the following command

But this doesnt give me the names for Xaxis, how can I get the names for
Xaxis, also how can I get labels for X and Y axis, and tittle, I tried 

title(main = "Year Vs Number of Publications")
to get the title but its giving me an error

Thanks in advance
I want to 
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