[R] time serie : question about date time class

Laurent Rhelp LaurentRHelp at free.fr
Sat Feb 6 14:25:31 CET 2010

Dear R-List,

   I have the habit of using R for my data processing and I like to use 
the power of the lattice package. Presently, I have to manage time 
series. So, in order to work properly I want to discover the zoo package 
and the related methods (since lattice can work with zoo class). But my 
physical experiment lasts only one second and my sampling period is 
equal to 1 microsecond (the date time value is given by the IRIG Card 
for my data acquisition card). I read the R-News june 2004 about the 
date time Classes in R and there is no information about allowing for 
the microseconds. So do you think it is really a good idea to try to use 
the R time series framework (zoo package for example) with my data ? Or 
would there be a tip ?

Thank you very much


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