[R] Spider Plot color problem

Peter Ehlers ehlers at ucalgary.ca
Fri Feb 5 23:54:24 CET 2010


The beauty of R is that you get the code and you can make
(often simple) changes to suit your needs. Attached is
stars1.R which makes a few minor changes to stars() to let you
produce starplots with or without the polygon and with
arbitrary colours for the radii. (This might already exist
in some package whereof I know not.) Allowing the polygon
edges to vary in colour would not be hard (I would replace
the relevant call to polygon() with a suitable call to


stars1(mtcars[, 1:7], key.loc = c(14, 1.5), lwd=2,
     col.radius = c(2,2,2,3,3,4,4), polygon = FALSE)

  -Peter Ehlers

IoanLoft wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have encountered a problem which appears to have defeated my (admittedly
> nascent) R skills. I want to draw a spider plot with many cases (just over
> 300). I am primarily interested in the difference between 4 categories of
> cases, and want to display them as different colors. the col.stars parameter
> does not change the color of the lines (which I'm after), but fills the
> stars in (which I'm not after). I have tried fiddling around with par but
> that only changes the label color.
> I notice in the help file that further arguments can be passed to stars, and
> to see plot.default. I have tried passing col="red" for example, but to no
> avail. 
> so far I have (where x is a dataframe containing 18 variables and 320
> cases):
> stars(x,locations=c(0,0), scale=FALSE, radius=FALSE, key.loc = c(0,0),
> main="title")
> and I haven't got any further than that. It would be great if anyone could
> help.
> Many thanks,
> I

Peter Ehlers
University of Calgary
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