[R] problems with SPC charts in R

Peter Ehlers ehlers at ucalgary.ca
Fri Feb 5 12:55:29 CET 2010

I don't really know qcc, but it seems to me that you might
have to provide information about within-group variability.
But maybe I'm completely out to lunch on this.

  -Peter Ehlers

vikrant wrote:
> Thanks Bart and Peter for your help and the example is working for c chart as
> well withut any error. But when I am plotting the R chart i am still getting
> the following error.
> Error in limits.R(center = 62614.0571428571, std.dev = NA_real_, sizes =
> c(1000L,  : 
> group size must be less than 51 when giving nsigmas
> I will just explain my example used for plotting R chart. I have around 35
> groups and and each group has a sample size of 1000. I want to know whether
> sample size for each group chosen to be 1000 is a problem.
> Please help me.

Peter Ehlers
University of Calgary

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