[R] Legend symbol?

Douglas M. Hultstrand dmhultst at metstat.com
Thu Feb 4 20:59:35 CET 2010


I am creating a plot/image using different data and a couple fit lines 
(see attached image).  In the legend, I want the Default and Exponential 
symbol to be a line.  I am using the pch command, I tried to use "-" to 
represent a line but does not work so I currently have set as a "1".  
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Below are the commands I used to create the legend:
if(Prehour == 1) {
        leg.txt <- c("Data", "Statistical Outlier", "Spatial Outlier", 
"High Z Outlier", "Default","Exponential (used)")
        } else {
        leg.txt <- c("Data", "Statistical Outlier", "Spatial Outlier", 
"High Z Outlier", "Default (used)","Exponential")
legend("topleft", legend=leg.txt, 
col=c("black","yellow","red","orange","blue","black"), pch = 
c(16,16,16,16,1,1), cex=0.85 )


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