[R] problems with SPC charts in R

vikrant vikrant.shimpi at tcs.com
Thu Feb 4 07:26:19 CET 2010

Hi all,
 I am using SPC  techniques of plotting Xbar, R, S, P and C charts in R.For
this I am using qcc package in R and also using the following document for
But while plotting S chart, R chartchart and also C chart I am getting
following errors.

 I have plotted the Xbar chart successfully using following command
obj <- qcc(a[,],type="Xbar")
But when I use the same command to plot the R chart and S chart jus by
replacing the type="Xbar" by type="R" and Type="R" ,I am getting folloiwing

Error in limits.R(center = NA_real_, std.dev = NA_real_, sizes = c(1000L,  : 
  group size must be less than 51 when giving nsigmas
In addition: Warning message:
In sum(sizes * statistics) : Integer overflow - use sum(as.numeric(.))

Similarly I am able to plot P chart for defective dataset  successfully
using following command

But while plotting C chart I am getitng following error
Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large

Could u please help me  in solving these error.
Thanks in advance.
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