[R] typo in contrast package's vignettes

David Scott d.scott at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Feb 3 22:36:02 CET 2010

hadley wickham wrote:
>> Really? Where exactly is the loophole in 'If the question relates to a
>> contributed package ... try contacting the package maintainer first.'?
> How about the general R philosophy that if you dare to mistakenly
> submit a bug report that turns out to be a "feature", not a bug, you
> shall be well and truly chastised?
> Hadley

I think you are being a bit provocative here Hadley. Chastisement of 
false bug reports occurs with base R functions because it causes 
unnecessary work for R-core and also when a bug is reported in a package 
as a bug in base R and chastisement is again understandable because it 
is incorrect practice.

I think others have come into this debate because they see David has 
been responding to Peng Yu's questions quite reasonably considering that 
Peng Yu seems unable to do the least bit of self-help. Given the time 
Peng Yu has been asking questions he should be able to find his way 
around the help system and other documentation by now.

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