[R] create an object in a loop (v2)

Ivan Calandra ivan.calandra at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Feb 1 17:38:17 CET 2010

To answer to the problem, assign() does what I need, thanks a lot!

In any case, for that kind of things, I don't think a sample dataset 
would be needed, and indeed it was not, which is why I didn't attach it.

Honestly, I thought that you would need more info on what I intend to 
do, but it probably was too much and not directed enough on the question 
But for my defense, if I knew that 2 lines of text would have been 
enough for you to understand, be sure I would have done it and not spent 
time on writing the email!

Thanks in any case, it was much more simple than expected.

Le 2/1/2010 17:14, David Winsemius a écrit :
> Upon reading it yesterday, it appeared as it would have required some 
> serious testing and there was no data on which to do any work.  You 
> were clearly not taking the time to isolate the problem and construct 
> a dataset. But who knows? When you say "What I want to do is. ... ,I 
> would like the name of the list to be created in the loop too", maybe 
> all you needed was to be pointed to was:
> ?assign
> But if that were the case, then you lost most of your audience along 
> the way with a bunch of unneeded and obscure code.

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