[R] using lapply and split to plot up subsets of a vector

karmakiller roisinmoriarty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 13:55:54 CET 2010

Hi again,

I have spent the last couple of days trying to build a function that will
allow me to add to the multiple plots that I created with your advice. I
have changed to 


in my function and this works fine. 

On an individual plot I can fit quantile regressions using "quantreg" but I
can't figure out how to plot these lines on the multiple graphs that I can
create with plot.

a<- function(df)abline(rq(ln.o2con~lnbm,tau=0.99,data=df))
b<- lapply(split(one,one$sp.id),a)
c<- function(df)abline(rq(ln.o2con~lnbm,tau=0.01,data=df))
d<- lapply(split(one,one$sp.id),c)
e<- function(df)abline(rq(ln.o2con~lnbm,tau=0.01,data=df))
f<- lapply(split(one,one$sp.id),e)

My knowledge of building functions in R is poor and I can't figure out how
to combine these functions so that I may plot each graph individually with
the correct ablines for each fit. I can get the lines to plot but only on
one graph.

Again I would be grateful for any help, I really like using R but it is the
bottleneck in my analysis and things are moving very slow while I try to
tackle this steep learning curve and become a more familiar with how to use
R the best way.

Thank you
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