[R] can't install R with *local* gcc

Oliver Kullmann O.Kullmann at swansea.ac.uk
Mon Dec 27 19:48:05 CET 2010


I infer from your answer that piece of information which
is most important for us now: That my configuration instructions
for R should work (should be correct).

Given all these unspecified build-systems we have to fight (at least
Gmp, Mpfr, Gcc with everything in it, R, and finally our own)
one first wants to know where obvious errors are.


Once I know more (we are in the middle of it) I move to
the devel-list.


P.S. Currently it seems that the Gcc-build is not correct (still the same with 4.4.5),
not propagating linker-information to the building of libraries (while the compiler-builds
seem alright).

> Hint #1: Expect the process to be somewhat painful...
> Hint #2: Study the configure script and config.log to the level where you can reproduce the  mixed C/Fortran code that it is trying to build and run and with which commands it is trying to build it
> Hint #3: Figure out what it really should have done to build such code

> An alternative hint is first to try setting up a very simple Fortran function to, say, double a number, and a C main program that calls it. Then try figuring out the compiler/linker options to make it work. (That is of course what configure was trying to do in the first place, but doing it by hand might be less prone to getting multiple toolchains mixed up.)
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