[R] vectorised recovery of strsplit value ??

maddox matthewgdodds at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 22:02:27 CET 2010

Dear Guru's

My first steps with R have ground to a halt! I have a vector of sample

> sampleIDs
 [1] "D1_1"   "D1_2"   "D1_3"   "D1_4"   "D1_5"   "D1_6"   "D1_7"   "D1_8"  
 [9] "D1_9"   "D1_10"  "D1_11"  "D1_12"  "F1_13"  "F1_14"  "F1_15"  "F1_16" 
[17] "F1_17"  "F1_18"  "F1_19"  "F1_20"  "F1_21"  "F1_22"  "F1_23"  "F1_24" 
[25] "DDC_25" "DDC_26" "DDC_27" "DDC_28" "DDC_29" "DDC_30" "DDC_31" "DDC_32"
[33] "DDC_33" "DDC_34" "DDC_35" "DDC_36"

from which I've split the prefix identifier using strsplit

> splitIDs <- strsplit( as.character(sampleIDs), "_")
> splitIDs
[1] "D1" "1" 

[1] "D1" "2" 

[1] "D1" "3" 

[1] "D1" "4"  etc

I am now struggling to work with the prefix identifiers (D1, F1, DDC)
because the only way I have figured out to access them is with
splitIDs[[i]][1] i.e. it seems like I have to use a loop to get the
identifiers into a factor and counted. 

Is there a vectorised solution someone can suggest? 
Or an alternative strategy .. these are early days using R for me!



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