[R] Poor quality plotting symbols in Windows metafile

Dan Bebber dbebber at earthwatch.org.uk
Wed Dec 22 12:08:19 CET 2010

when I try to use the filled circle (pch = 16) in a Windows metafile, it appears highly pixelated rather than as a smooth vector.
The other filled circles (pch = 19 and 20) are vector circles, filled with pixels.

Results are the same whether I use windows() and save or copy as a metafile, or win.metafile()

Also, some of the other symbols are misshapen, e.g. the diamond pch = 23 is not symmetrical.
There is no problem using postscript(), although Microsoft Word does not do a good job of importing postscript graphics (text comes out too large).

Is there a way to make the plotting symbols in metafiles appear as vectors?

Dan Bebber

Using: R 2.11.1, Windows Vista Business

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