[R] labels and barchart

Robert Ruser robert.ruser at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 11:36:05 CET 2010

I'm wondering how to set a value of mar ( par( mar=c(.......)) ) in
order to allow labels to be visible in barplot. Is there any relation
between the number of characters in a label and the second value of
mar? Look at my example.

x <- seq(20, 100, by=15)
ety <- rep( "Effect on treatment group", times=length(x))
barplot(x, names.arg=ety, las=1, horiz=TRUE)

Labels are not visible. But trial and error method with the second mar
argument I get what I want.

par(mar=c(3,12,2,1), cex=0.8)
barplot(x, names.arg=ety, las=1, horiz=TRUE)

I would like something like that: second.mar = max( nchar(ety) )/2

Taking the opportunity I have 2 another question:
1. Space between labels and bars is too big - how to change it to the
value of 1 character?
2. In the example above the x axis is too short. How to make R draw a
line little longer then maximum bar length. I know that I could set
xlim=c(0,max(x)) but because of main increase equals 20 and the last
value 95 it doesn't solve the problem. The increase is ok. but only
line should be longer.

Thank you

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