[R] R.matlab memory use

Stefano Ghirlanda dr.ghirlanda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 00:00:54 CET 2010

The data set is indeed highly redundant, mostly zeros (which means I
could use sparse matrices, but that's another issue). I have posted an
octave ascii file here:


and a .mat file here:


>    A few more questions about what's going on: it makes sense that
> your ASCII format file is about 75 M (i.e., 10x larger than mine);
> presumably your data set is highly redundant so that it can be compressed
> to 300Kb?
>   Any chance you can post your data somewhere, or figure out a way
> to generate a sample data set that is similar (i.e. starts at about
> 75 M and compresses to 300Kb when saved appropriately in octave)?
>  Ben Bolker

Stefano Ghirlanda
www.intercult.su.se/~stefano - drghirlanda.wordpress.com

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