[R] Numbers in a string

Petr Savicky savicky at cs.cas.cz
Fri Dec 17 15:05:17 CET 2010

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 07:39:46AM -0500, Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 11:42 AM, Petr Savicky <savicky at cs.cas.cz> wrote:
> > Can something similar be done in R either specifically for numbers or
> > for a general regular expression?
> Dieter's first post in this thread already answered that question.

I am sorry for overlooking this solution using package gsubfn, although
it was pointed out repeatedly in this thread. The following solves
exactly the example i was asking for.

  s <- "abcde. 11 abc 5.31e+34, (1.45)"
  strapply(s, "[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+e[+-][0-9]+|[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+|[0-9]+")[[1]]
  [1] "11"       "5.31e+34" "1.45"

Thank you for this information.

Petr Savicky.

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