[R] legend not appearing in Word document

Robert Baer rbaer at atsu.edu
Thu Dec 16 19:30:38 CET 2010

> On 12/12/2010 8:59 AM, Tim Clark wrote:
>> I need help with using graphics in Word 2007 that will later be converted 
>> into a
>> pdf document.  I have tried several formats and found that I get the best
>> quality of graphics using .wmf, .eps format, but when I convert it to 
>> .pdf I get
>> a bunch of lines across the figures.  I also tried .tiff and .png but 
>> they give
>> me much lower quality.  The best quality that converts to pdf appears to 
>> be
>> .eps.  However, I have now come across a problem with my figure legends. 
>> For
>> some reason the legend is visible in R but not in Word.  Does anyone know 
>> why a
>> legend in .eps format won't work in Word, or how I can get it to work?  I 
>> have
>> made an example of the legend below that you should be able to save as 
>> .eps and
>> paste into Word as an example.  I would appreciate any help you can offer 
>> on
>> getting the legend in .eps format to work, or on other formats that may 
>> be
>> better for Word and pdf files.
>> Thanks,
>> Tim
>>        library(plotrix)
>>        Satelite.Palette<-
>> colorRampPalette(c("blue3","cyan","aquamarine","yellow","orange","red"))
>>        mycol<-Satelite.Palette(ceiling(5000+1))#Max relative angle 
>> multiplied by
>> 100 to give larger range.  Max is 3.1415, rounded up to 3.15 plus one.
>>        col.labels<-round((seq(0,5000,length.out=5)/1000),1)
>>        plot(0, 0, type="n", axes=F, xlab="", ylab="")   #New plot for 
>> legend
>>        color.legend(0,0,1,1,col.labels, mycol, align="rb", gradient="y") 
>> #Adds
>> legend
> I don't have Word 2007, but when I execute that code I get a legend either 
> on screen or in an EPS file.  So this looks like a Word bug; you'll need 
> to talk to Microsoft.
> Duncan Murdoch

For what it is worth, I just tried importing the .eps legend into Word 2010 
and it seemed to work fine suggesting that MS may have updated their .eps 
import driver with that version of Office?


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