[R] Solution to differential equation

Scionforbai scionforbai at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 18:27:49 CET 2010

> I am trying to find the analytical solution to this differential equation
> dR/dt = k1*(R^k2)*(1-(R/Rmax)); R(0) = Ro

> If there is an analytial solution to this differential equation then it

It is a polynomial function of R, so just develop the expression and
when you get the two terms in R (hint: one has exponent k2, the other
k2+1) you can simply apply the basic integration rule for polynomials.
It literally doesn't get easier than that.

the resulting function is:

k1/(k2+1) * R^(k2+1) - K1/[Rmax*(k2+2)] * R^(k2+2) + Ro


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