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Ivan Calandra ivan.calandra at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Dec 13 15:23:35 CET 2010

I would suggest what we already suggested to you:

We could help you more precisely if you could provide a reproducible 
example, as explained in the posting guide (see link at the end of every 
email from this list)


Le 12/13/2010 15:14, effeesse a écrit :
> I am sorry, but I cannot understand how to use the "summary" function. Maybe,
> if I describe my needs, you could sketch a line that could work.
> In the data set variable "V" can take values 1 to 14. For the subgroup of
> individuals where "V" takes value =1 I want the mean and variance of a
> certain set of other variables (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5). And this for all the
> other subgroups for values 2 to 14.
> What do you suggest?

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