[R] Summary (Re: (S|odf)weave : how to intersperse (\LaTeX{}|odf) comments in source code ? Delayed R evaluation ?)

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Mon Dec 13 11:31:42 CET 2010

Dear Emmanuel and dear list,
> Therefore, I let this problem to sleep. However, I Cc this answer (with
> the original question below) to Max Kuhn and Friedrich Leisch, in the
> (faint) hope that this feature, which does not seem to have been missed
> by anybody in 8 years,
I've been missing it every once in a while, but till now I could always rephrase 
the problem with expand = FALSE or functions, and the chunk that does the actual 
calculation at the end.

Most often, however, I'm just lazy and use R comments. If math should go in 
there, I use listings instead of fancyvrb with the modified Sweave.sty that 
hopefully is attached (if not, see below).

Here's an example chunk:
1 / 2 # $\frac{1}{x}$
4 + 4 # Here may come lots of explanations, that are in a \LaTeX\ 
paragraph\footnote{blabla}: even long lines are properly broken.\\ Though the 
new lines start at the beginning of the line. \\[6pt] And a line break in the 
chunk source will of course be interpreted as R again: so no new paragraphs 
inside the same comment.
# But there can be new commented lines.
3 + 6
# Note that comment only lines at the end of a code chunk seem to be lost.
# Not only one but all that aren't followed by R code
(the second line should be very long, I somehow can't keep thunderbird from 
inserting line breaks)

Hope that helps a bit,


=== modified Sweave.sty ===

\newboolean{Sweave at gin}
\setboolean{Sweave at gin}{true}
\newboolean{Sweave at ae}
\setboolean{Sweave at ae}{true}

\DeclareOption{nogin}{\setboolean{Sweave at gin}{false}}
\DeclareOption{noae}{\setboolean{Sweave at ae}{false}}


\ifthenelse{\boolean{Sweave at gin}}{\setkeys{Gin}{width=0.8\textwidth}}{}%
\ifthenelse{\boolean{Sweave at ae}}{%



   \csname newcount\endcsname\pdfoutput\fi%

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