[R] ReadWrite.xls problem

Hans-Peter Suter gchappi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 12:56:59 CET 2010

Toby, haruo0409,

2010/12/8 tkdweber <tkd.weber at gmail.com>:
> This is my Error-Message in its German original:
> Fehler in .Call("ReadXls", file, colNames, sheet, type, from, rowNames,  :
>  Falsche Anzahl von Argumenten (11), erwarte 10 für ReadXls

There was a wrong DLL for a short while in the old 1.5.2 version (I
fixed a R2.12.0 related issue and unfortunately introduced this
error). If you delete the old xlsReadWrite package and re-install the
package (either from CRAN or see www.swissr.org/download) it really
should work.

2010/12/10 haruo0409 <eixcxisx at bca.bai.ne.jp>:
> I'm also annoyed at same problem.
> I installed xlsReadWriter today and entered
>  x <- read.xls("data.xls",sheet=1)
> But I got Error Message:
>  以下にエラー .Call("ReadXls", file, colNames, sheet, type, from, rowNames,  :
>   引数の個数(11)が不正です。10 個が ReadXls に対しては必要です
> (It's Japanese.Its English translation is the same as yours)

What's the 'library(xlsReadWrite)' startup message? For the current
version it should be: 'xlsReadWrite version 1.5.3 (0b78c1)'. Could you
please give more details about 'I installed xlsReadWriter today'
(which CRAN mirror, 'R.version' and '.Platform' output, is there only
one 'xlsReadWrite.dll' file on your system). It is supposed to work
and I am unable to find any problem. Thanks a lot!

2010/12/8 tkdweber <tkd.weber at gmail.com>:
>Without being able to read data, the
> programme renders pointless for me :-(

There are many ways to read/write data in R:
* Other than load/save you could use read.table/write.table (see R
Data Import/Export).
* Using Excel files is not the recommended way. However when you
want/need it, there are several options (see


PS. not that I mind to discuss things here, but as these are package
specific problems I'd suggest to switch to the xlsReadWrite forum
(http://dev.swissr.org/projects/xlsreadwrite/boards). You also can
create an issue
(http://dev.swissr.org/projects/xlsreadwrite/issues/new) or just send
an email to 'support' at 'swissr.org').

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