[R] problem accessing complex list data frames

Nick Sabbe nick.sabbe at ugent.be
Wed Dec 8 13:30:43 CET 2010

Hello Germán.

You probably want something like:
sapply(vmat, function(curMat){
		curMat[,999] != 0
Or if you want the indices, just surround this with a which.


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Hi all.

I am currently attempting to build a list of sparse matrixes. That I have
already achieved, by

> vmat <- list()
> for (i in 1:n) {
>   vmat <- c(vmat, sparseMatrix(i,j,x=data) }

How I am trying to select those elements from the list where the column e.g.
999 is not null. I can do this for one of the sparse matrices with

> which(vmat[[1]][,999] != 0)

which returns the rows where such column is non-zero.

However, my purpose is to obtain the list indices of the sparse matrices
with such non-zero elements. I tried things like

which(vmat[[]][,999] != 0)
which(vmat[,,999] != 0)
sapply(vmat, which, [,999] != 0)

but none worked... any help will be appreciated!!



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