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At 21:20 15/08/2010, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
>On 15/08/2010 10:24 AM, Stephen Liu wrote:
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>>>>Furthermore can I run following command on R?
>>>>rm /home/userA/.RData
>>>.RData contains all of the objects in a workspace (your data,
>>>functions etc.).  If you start R in a directory that contains a .RData
>>>file it will be loaded automatically.
>>>If you delete the file you are deleting your data.
>>>Does that answer your question ?
>>Hi Michael,
>>Thanks for your advice
>>Windows 7
>>Ubuntu 10.04
>>(both 64 bits)
>>I have Windows R and Linux R running on VM (guest) of Oracle VirtualBox.
>>Before I tested ANOVA on Linux R.  On existing R - q(), I 
>>mistakenly typed y resulting in the file .RData created (I 
>>suppose).  Thereafter on starting R the line  "[Previously saved 
>>workspace restored]" is displayed.
>>  [1] "/home/satimisub04dk01/."
>>  [2] "/home/satimisub04dk01/.."
>>  [3] "/home/satimisub04dk01/.adobe"
>>[41] "/home/satimisub04dk01/R"
>>[42] "/home/satimisub04dk01/.RData"
>>[54] "/home/satimisub04dk01/.xsession-errors.old"
>>- end -
>>On Windows R
>>Starting R doesn't have the abovementioned line displayed.
>>  [1] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/."
>>  [2] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/.."
>>  [3] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/AOD_V3010287_XpVistaWin7.zip"
>>  [4] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/ASUSUpdt_V71702_XPVistaWin7.zip"
>>  [5] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/Default.rdp"
>>  [6] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/desktop.ini"
>>  [7] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/EPU_V10022_XPVistaWin7.zip"
>>  [8] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/ExpressGate_v14910_Patch.rar"
>>  [9] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/M4A78T-E-QVL.zip"
>>[10] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/MB_WIN7_ATK.ZIP"
>>[11] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/My Music"
>>[12] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/My Pictures"
>>[13] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/My SAS Files(32)"
>>[14] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/My Videos"
>>Now my questions are;
>>1) After deleting .RData on Linux R whether the abovementioned line 
>>will not popup again?
>>2) Why on Windows R the path of the folders/directories shows the 
>>[1] "C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/."
>>Not the user?  I login as user.
>>A further thought, I recall that I login as Administrator to 
>>install R.  Does it matter?.  How to change the path back to user?
>You probably set the startup directory in the shortcut when you did 
>the install.  (I believe that's the default behaviour.)  So you need 
>to edit the shortcut to a different directory, possibly with a 
>separate shortcut for each user.  The editing is done through 
>Windows, by right-clicking on the shortcut.
>Duncan Murdoch

I find it is best to tell R when i install it _not_ to supply a 
shortcut and then as Duncan suggests establish one myself as the 
user. The alternative is to set the permissions so you can reset the 
startup directory within the shortcut.

>>Stephen L
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Michael Dewey

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