[R] linear model with similar response predictor

Giuseppe Amatulli giuseppe.amatulli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 12:50:06 CEST 2010

can somebody tell me why R is not able to calculate a linear model
written in this way?

> lm (seq(1:100)~seq(1:100))

lm(formula = seq(1:100) ~ seq(1:100))


Warning messages:
1: In model.matrix.default(mt, mf, contrasts) :
  the response appeared on the right-hand side and was dropped
2: In model.matrix.default(mt, mf, contrasts) :
  problem with term 1 in model.matrix: no columns are assigned

Seems that is not able to dealing with similar number and so with very
small numbers for calculating the coefficients. Moreover also
Intercepts is wrong it should be equal to 0.

I compile the R 2.11.1 in the Fedora 13.
Should i download a library?
Some configure options are missing during the installation? or is a bug?
Thanks in advance
Giuseppe Amatulli

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