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Greg Snow Greg.Snow at imail.org
Fri Apr 30 22:06:09 CEST 2010

You could use pch='.' (assuming pairs, don't know if you used that or splom or something else).

For lots of points you may want to look at the hexbin package (bioconductor).

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> The file is a large number of scatterplot matrices (120pp of 4x4
> matrix)  the individual plots may have up to several hudred points.
> I am already using the "useDingbats"  but the files are still very
> large
> - I can reduce them about 50% in cute.pdf by changing the dpi setting
> but it would be good to handle directly in R
> They need to be screen/ draft print quality only not for publication.
> They are being used to ciruclate to a number of people for discussion
> On 30/04/2010 2:20 AM, Greg Snow wrote:
> > It would help if we knew how big your pdf is and why it is big.  Can
> you show an example or at least describe the process used to generate
> the file and what you goals are in creating/displaying the file?
> >
> >

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