[R] Sweave: centering with echo=TRUE

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 19:42:13 CEST 2010

On 26/04/2010 7:07 AM, David.Epstein wrote:
> In a .Rnw file I want to insert the R command
> pairs(mydataframe)
> and achieve the following effects
> 1. the command itseld is echoed into the tex document generated by Sweave
> <<fig=TRUE,echo=TRUE>>=
> 2. The graphics generated appears in the tex document, with the graphics
> centred.
> 3. The R command > pairs(mydataframe) is not centered.
That is what I see when I do this:

<<fig=TRUE, echo=TRUE>>=
mydataframe <- data.frame(a=1:10,

*Are you seeing the echoed source being centred?

Duncan Murdoch

> Sweave-manual.pdf gives the following code chunk
> <<results=tex,echo=FALSE>>= 
> for(i in 1:4){ 
> file=paste("myfile", i, ".eps", sep="") 
> postscript(file=file, paper="special", width=6, height=6) 
> plot(rnorm(100)+i) 
> dev.off() 
> cat("\\includegraphics{", file, "}\n\n", sep="") 
> } 
> @ 
> This could obviously be adapted to my centering problem, but is it the
> simplest way? It seems complicated compared with just pairs(mydataframe).
> Also, Sweave will normally make both postscript and pdf plots, but this
> would involve further complication in the code. I'm sure it's completely
> standard to produce two copies of graphics, one a pdf and one an eps, but
> it's another obstacle in my way when I want to get on with writing the
> program and its latex description.
> Thanks
> David

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