[R] 3D Plot

Ariane C. Böhm ariane at ariane-boehm.com
Fri Apr 23 14:51:36 CEST 2010

Hi guys of the R-Help-Team!<br /><br />First of all - you do a great job!<br
/>I've found a lot of your mails in the internet. So I thought it would be a
good idea to ask you a question about R.<br /><br />R is new to me, so sorry,
if the question is too simple :)<br /><br />I have a matrix.<br />I can make a
2D Heatmap of this matrix.<br /><br />My question:<br />Can I also make a 3D
Heatmap of this matrix - so the third parameter should the value in the
matrix.<br /><br />My first thought was :<br />> mat <- read.table(file
= "AvgMatrix.mat")<br />> x <-as.matrix(mat)<br />> hv
<- heatmap.2 (x, col=topo.colors, Colv = NA, Rowv = NA,
main="AvgMatrix", xlab="Columns", ylab="Rows",
key=TRUE, trace = "none")<br />But that is just a 2D heatmap.<br
/><br />Thanks for your help<br /><br />Ariane<br /><br />

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