[R] [R-pkgs] vcdExtra 0.5-0 is released to CRAN

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Apr 15 23:00:17 CEST 2010

I'm pleased to announce the release of the vcdExtra package, v. 0.5-0
from R-Forge to CRAN, on its way to a CRAN server near you.
vcdExtra was originally designed to serve  as a  sandbox for  introducing
extensions of mosaic plots and other visualizations for categorical
data, particularly those that apply to (poisson surrogate)
loglinear models fitted using glm() and
related,  generalized  nonlinear models  fitted  with gnm()  in  the gnm
package. See package?vcdExtra for information and an overview.
Heather Turner, Achim Zeileis and Duncan Murdoch contributed substantially
to the latest release.

In addition, it contains a tutorial vignette,
"Working with categorical data with R and the vcd package",
vignette("vcd-tutorial", package = "vcdExtra")
many new data sets (with worked examples), and a collection of demos
illustrating things that didn't fit into the standard .Rd format.

New in recent releases are:

o  An initial implementation of 3D mosaic plots, using the rgl package. See
   ?mosaic3d, example(mosaic3d) and demo("mosaic3d-hec").

o  The  method mosaic.glm  extends  the mosaic.loglm  method  in the  vcd
   package to wider class  of models fit using glm() and gnm() for 
   responses. There are also extensions of association plots (assoc) and 
   diagrams (sieve) for these models. See demo("mental-glm"), 
   and others.

o  Some initial steps in collecting, handling and summarizing sets of 
   glm() and loglm() models provided by the functions glmlist(), loglmlist()
   summarize() methods, Kway() for fitting all k-way glm() models, etc.

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