[R] [R-pkgs] mvbutils 2.5.1 on CRAN

Mark.Bravington at csiro.au Mark.Bravington at csiro.au
Wed Apr 14 02:42:07 CEST 2010

Version 2.5.1 of 'mvbutils' is now on CRAN. This version offers improved support for easy package preparation and maintenance, plus minor changes required by the new version of the 'debug' package (see separate announcement). Package 'mvbutils' offers the following main features, as well as a number of miscellaneous goodies:

 - Hierarchical organization of projects (tasks) and sub-tasks, allowing switching within a single R session, searching and moving objects through the hierarchy, objects in ancestor tasks always visible from child (sub)tasks, etc.

 - Improved function & text-object editing facilities, plain-text documentation stored with function definition, and automatic backup.

 - Automated package construction, including production of Rd-format from plain text documentation. Packages can be edited & updated seamlessly while loaded, without needing to unload/quit/rebuild/reinstall. 
 - "Lazy loading" for individual objects, allowing fast and transparent access to collections of biggish objects where only a few objects are used at a time.

package?mvbutils will tell you more...

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