[R] Wilks lamda and single discriminant function

Joël Meunier joel.meunier at unibas.ch
Tue Apr 13 17:57:34 CEST 2010

Dear R-users,

I'm wondering how to obtain Wilks-lambda values when discriminant 
analyses have only one discriminant function (i.e. 2 categories to 
discriminate between).

The use of manova(predictions~groups, test="Wilks") asks for multiple 
response and the use of anova(lm(predictions~groups), test="Wilks") 
simply does not consider the last term.

(The alternative question is whether such Wilks-lambda value is relevant 
for those simple comparisons between two groups of predicted values or 
whether t-test like are enough?)

Thanks a lot,



Joël Meunier, PhD

University of Basel
Zoological Institute
Evolutionary Biology
Vesalgasse 1, 4051 Basel - Switzerland

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