[R] how does one print code

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Thu Apr 8 23:38:57 CEST 2010

On 08/04/2010 5:16 PM, David.Epstein wrote:
> There is quite a long piece of code defining a certain function in one of the
> R packages.
> I think the code has a bug and I want to get the code into a file so that I
> can take a proper look, and possibly fix it.
> how does one do this? (I mean getting the code into a file, not fixing the
> bug.) I suppose I could copy and paste, but that's a bit error prone for
> various reasons. I want the same arrangement of code formatting as in the
> original---copy and paste often messes this up.

You can't get this unless the package was installed with 
R_KEEP_PKG_SOURCE.  What you see in the console is *not* the original, 
it's a deparsed version of it.

To get the original, download the source to the package, and look in the 
R subdirectory.  If it's a base package, the package sources are online at


This is the development trunk; different released versions will be in 
different subdirs below /R, e.g. 2.10.1 will be in


Duncan Murdoch

> I tried using as.character(functionname) but that wasn't at all appreciated.
> I  tried searching the archives of this forum but couldn't figure out
> exactly what to search for (got too many hits). I also tried Google, but
> that was also no help.
> Thanks
> David

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