[R] 3-D response surface using wireframe()

Waichler, Scott R Scott.Waichler at pnl.gov
Thu Apr 8 15:51:16 CEST 2010

Regarding the screen argument in wireframe(), here is what I understand about how it works after much trial-and-error:

After each rotation, new axes are in effect defined for the next rotation as at the start:  x is to the right of the 2D view, y is towards the top, and z is positive out of the page towards you.  Understanding this "reset" of coordinate system after each rotation is key to understanding how the sequence of rotations will be done.  Rotations follow the right-hand rule:  positive angles follow curved fingers of right hand, with thumb pointing in positive direction of associated axis.

I labeled a wooden block with axes and turned it in my hand to help me make the initial guess at the sequence of rotations I would want for a given view.  

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