[R] SAS and R on multiple operating systems

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> Thanks Dennis,
>     Thanks for taking the time that was a very informed response. It was a
> teachable moment for me.
>     I didn't know about the breath and depth of LaTeX. I need to do some
> self education.
> Unfortunately I don't see how to integrate LaTeX with SAS, since SAS has
> its
> own template/tagset languages.
>     I have not heard much about Framemaker in recent history. Adobe, like
> Microsoft and SAS keeps coming out with reincarnations of old products.
>   I see a substantial potential for R in Pharma. Recently I spent several
> months working on a large meta analysis project involving 100s of journal
> articles, We integrated the R meta package with SAS to get the
> fixed/random
> effects and used SAS for input and final reports.
>    SAS simply cannot keep up with new statistical algorithms.
> I wish I could show you some of  style guides I have seen at various
> pharma
> companies. Here is a sanitized hint on how some of them talk about
> mathematical symbols.  Some pharma companies even have custom toolbars to
> help the medical writers insert mathematical symbols. Bring up the
> appropriate character map in word, usually the symbol map, select the
> appropriate character and hit the insert character button.
> I do use unicode in SAS for scripting some simple mathematical text.
> Regards


You might try Google-ing for "SASweave".  It is apparently similar to sweave and facilitates using Latex with SAS.

Hope this is helpful,


Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA USA

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