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  First a quick note about FDA and Style Guides.

  Frank is correct the FDA does not require strict formatting. I once worked
for small startup and they sent EXCEL sheets to the FDA. However big pharma
usually has very strict formatting requirements. I once produced a table
where one of the border lines was a little to fat (not 1/2 point). Below is
a abreviated sanitized TOC for a possible style guide. The official guide is
over 50 pages. The controlled document guide is over 100 pages.

There is even more detail in the text of this document with sample tables,
listings and graphs.

I have some code on my site that makes, procedure output, graphs, tables and
listings follow one SAS template.

x.S Components of Document
x.2 Page Layout
x.2.S Portrait Page
x.2.2 Turned Page
x.2.3 Landscape Page
x.3 Page Margins
x.T Document Headers and Footers
x.K.S Regulatory Submissions
x.K.2 Study Reports, IBs, and
2.8 Lists
2.G Numbers
2.S0 Superscripts and Subscripts
2.S1 Symbols
2.Sx.S Spacing Around Symbols
2.Sx.2 Degree Sign
2.Sx.T Percentage Sign
2.Sx.3 Greek Symbols
2.Sx.D Use of Trademark Symbols
2.S2 Units of Measure
2.S2.S Abbreviations
2.S2.2 Standard Abbreviations
7.S Placement
7.3 Numbering
7.2 Borders and Internal Lines
7.T Titles
7.D Column Headings
7.D.S Alignment of Column Headings
7.D.2 Capitalization of Column Headings
P Data Fromat
7.L Data Format
7.L.S Font and Type Size
7.L.2 Table Cell Size
7.L.3 Aligning Data
7.L.T Decimals
7.8 Footnotes in Tables
7.G Source Code
7.S0 Multipage Tables
z.S Placement
z.2 Numbering
z.3 Titles
z.T Figure Legends
z.D Source Code
Table 2-K. Ewquired Guidelines Regarding Capitalization
Table 2-5. Ewquired Guidelines Regarding Use of Numbers
Table 3-x. Ewquired Guidelines Regarding Use of Hyphens
Table Z-x. Table Borders
Table Z-2. Standard Table Numbering and Categories
Table Z-3. Table With Center-aligned Columns
Table Z-K. Table With Decimal-aligned Data and Pairs of Numbers
Table Z-5. Table With Columns of Dissimilar Numeric Data
Table Z-6. Table With 1 Type of Value per Column
Table Z-7. Table With Unavailable Data
Table Z-8. Table With Abbreviated Units of Measure
Table Z-G. Table With Footnotes
Table Z-10 Subject Disposition Table With Source Code
List of Figures
Figure Q-1 Page Layouts for US Letter Paper
Figure Z-1 Basic Components of a Table
Figure Z-2 Bottom Align Buttons on Tables and Borders Toolbar
Figure Q-3  Figure With Source Code

The margin settings (both Ax and
US letter-sized paper). These margins create a common text area of x.xx x
x that will
prevent text from reflowing when switched from x paper size to another.
Page Margins
x.x x xx (US letter) paper Ax paper
Portrait Landscape Portrait Landscape
Top x.0 x.x x.0 x.xx
Bottom 0.xx x.0 x.xx x.0
Left x.x 0.xx x.xx x.xx
Right x.0 x.0 x.0 x.0
Headera 0.xx 0.xx 0.x 0.xx
Footera 0.xx 0.xx 0.x 0.x
a This is a Word-specific setting. The measurement is from the edge of the

single lines only. Follow these specifications as closely as possible (see
Table x-x for
• If the table is created in MS Word, use the ½-point line default.
• If another software application is used to generate the table, use a line
as close to
½ point as possible.
• Use the same line weight throughout the table.

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