[R] svm of e1071 package

Shyamasree Saha [shs] shs at aber.ac.uk
Tue Apr 6 14:07:49 CEST 2010

Hello List,

I am having a great trouble using svm function in e1071 package. I have 4gb of data that i want to use to train svm. I am using Amazon cloud, my Amazon Machine Image(AMI) has 34.2 GB of memory. my R process was killed several times when i tried to use 4GB of data for svm. Now I am using a subset of that data and it is only 1.4 GB.  i remove all unnecessary objects before calling svm(). I have monitored the memory consumption and found that before i call svm() my AMI has 25GB of free memory. after calling svm(), this free memory starts going down and at the end i have only 1.7 gb of memory and R gives me error that it can not create vector of size 3.4 gb. Its true that if i do not have enough memory then how R will create the vector. But my question is how svm function is eating up that 25gb of memory?? do i have anything to do to solve this problem or its a problem in e1071 package ? by "problem in e1071 package", i mean does svm() in e1071 normally consume that high amount of memory? if svm() really consume this much memory then i have to think of some other way to train svm. if 34gb ram is not enough for 1.4 gb of data then i am in trouble. Amazon has maximum 68.4gb ram. 

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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