[R] ggplot2 geom_rect(): What am I missing here

Marshall Feldman marsh at uri.edu
Mon Apr 5 14:01:28 CEST 2010

Thanks to David Winsemius, Peter Ehlers, and Paul Murrell who pointed 
out my careless error working with ggplot2's geom_rect(). Not to make 
excuses, but when you've done something successfully dozens of times and 
suddenly it doesn't work, you're more likely to look for careless errors 
on your part. When you've never done something before and unsure that 
you understand the proper use of the tool, you're more likely to think 
you're missing something about the tool's proper use and to overlook 
your own careless errors.

This list is great! I posted my question, went off to do something else, 
and within a few hours had the answer to my problem.

Thanks again

     Marsh Feldman

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