[R] compare two fingerprint images

Juan Antonio Gil Pascual jgil at edu.uned.es
Sun Apr 4 14:50:16 CEST 2010

Thanks Jim
I made a matching algorithm with R, but I get good results for two 
images of the same person, so I use a cross correlation function to 
directly compare images. Do you know of normalized cross-correlation 
function with R?.


Jim Lemon escribió:
> On 04/04/2010 05:18 AM, Juan Antonio Gil Pascual wrote:
>> Hi Bernado
>> I need to compare two fingerprint images and let me know if you can do
>> with R. I have used the technique of minutiae but it seems to work
>> better with the cross-correlation and wanted to know if you can do 
>> with R.
> Hi Juan,
> If you're using minutiae, you will want something like character 
> recognition to identify the (admittedly arbitrary) elements of 
> fingerprints like loops and whorls and their relative extents and 
> positions. I don't know whether there is much character recognition 
> stuff done in R, but it would certainly be related.
> Jim

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