[R] pvals.fnc() with language R does not work with R 2.10.1

ozge gurcanli gurcanli at cogsci.jhu.edu
Thu Apr 1 20:18:15 CEST 2010

Hi Everyone,

I am using R 2.10.1.  lmer function works properly, however pvals.fnc 
()  does not despite the fact that I uploaded:

- library(lme4)
- library(coda)
- library(languageR)

This is the error message I get

  pvals.fnc(lexdec3.lmerE2, nsim=10000)$fixed

Error in pvals.fnc(lexdec3.lmerE2, nsim = 10000) :
   MCMC sampling is not yet implemented in lme4_0.999375
   for models with random correlation parameters

How can I resolve the problem?


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