[R] nlrq parameter bounds

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Thu Apr 1 18:47:35 CEST 2010


This appears to be your first post to this list. Welcome to R. Over 2 days
is quite a long time to wait though, so you are unlikely to get a reply now.

Feedback:  since nlrq is in package quantreg, its a question about a package 
and should
be sent to the package maintainer. Some packages though, over 40 of the 664 
r-forge, have dedicated help/devel/forum lists hosted on r-forge.

No reply from r-help often, but not always, means you haven't followed some
detail of the posting guide or haven't followed this :


"Ashley Greenwood" <a.greenwood2 at pgrad.unimelb.edu.au> wrote in message 
news:45708. at webmail.student.unimelb.edu.au...
> Hi there,
> Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to limit parameters in nlrq()
> to 'upper' and 'lower' bounds as per nls()?  If so how??
> Many thanks in advance

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