[R] problems with re-loading exported data

Marion Dumas mariouka at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 19:11:05 CET 2009

I have a data file originally as .mat file from matlab that I imported  
in R using the R.matlab package (readMat). This loaded a list  
containing amongst other things a 4x4 array of rainfall data that is  
quite heavy (around 40 Mb, it took 10 minutes to load on my computer).  
I tried to export it as R data file or simply a text file (using the  
command write) to share this data with other R users. When I open it  
in the text editor, I get a normal looking file with space-delimited  
numerical values. However, when I try to to load the resulting output  
file, I get the following error message:

Error: bad restore file magic number (file may be corrupted) -- no  
data loaded
In addition: Warning message:
file 'outrainfall' has magic number '0 0 0'
    Use of save versions prior to 2 is deprecated

I would really appreciate your help, as this is a rather  important  
issue to clarify.
Marion Dumas

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