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David Hajage dhajage.r at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:59:07 CET 2009


ascii package has been updated to version 0.3.2.
ascii is a R package for writing asciidoc, txt2tags, sphinx or org documents
with embeded R code. See http://eusebe.github.com/ascii/ for some examples.

News since version 0.2 are:

 - new sphinx driver and output (see http://sphinx.pocoo.org/)
 - new org driver and output (see http://orgmode.org/)
 - ascii.simple.list method
 - ftable method
 - packageDescription method
 - sessionInfo method
 - new option "label" for list.type argument
 - new rownames and colnames arguments
 - cgroup argument works with txt2tags output
 - improve col alignment in txt2tags output
 - improve row and col span (cgroup and rgroup)
 - remove SweaveAscii() function
 - new Asciidoc(), T2t(), Sphinx() and Org() functions (wrapper for
Sweave("file.Rnw", RweaveXxx))


David Hajage

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