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Ok. I have the following likelihood function.

L <- p*dpois(x,a)*dpois(y,b+c)+(1-p)*dpois(x,a+c)*dpois(y,b)

where I have 100 points of (x,y) and parameters c(a,b,c,p) to
estimate. Constraints are:

0 < p < 1
a,b,c > 0
c < a
c < b

I construct a loglikelihood function out of this. First ignoring the
last two constraints, it takes optim with box constraint about 1-2 min
to estimate this. I have to estimate the MLE on about 200 rolling
windows. This will take very long. Is there any faster implementation?

Secondly, I cannot incorporate the last two contraints using optim function.

Thank you,


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> You have hardly given us any information for us to be able to help you.  Give us more information on your problem, and, if possible, a minimal, self-contained example of what you are trying to do.
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>> Hi,
>> I'm using optim with box constraints to MLE on about 100 data points.
>> It goes quite slow even on 4GB machine. I'm wondering if R has any
>> faster implementation? Also, if I'd like to impose
>> equality/nonequality constraints on parameters, which package I should
>> use? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
>> rc
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