[R] Unsuccessful in reproducing README file in package build .zip and R library installed package folder

morphwj at comcast.net morphwj at comcast.net
Wed Oct 28 19:34:45 CET 2009

My OS is Windows XP. 

"Writing R Extensions", Section 1.1 states "‘README’ or ‘ChangeLog’ will be ignored by R, but may be useful to 

end-users."  I see examples of README files in packages grDevices folder afm and nlme folder mlbook.

The README file was placed at the top level of the package source folder, after the DESCRIPTION file. 

After running R CMD check, build, and INSTALL --build, the README file was found in the tar.gz file.  However, 

it was not found in the zip file, the package Rcheck folder, and the R library package folder.

How is the README put into build such that it is reproduced in the R library installed package folder? 

Bill Morphet, Ph.D.

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