[R] Lost all script

Adaikalavan Ramasamy a.ramasamy at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Oct 28 17:09:45 CET 2009

To stop in Rgui mode, you can try pressing the ESC key. If you are using 
  within emacs, change to R buffer and try C-c C-c to stop it.

I am not sure how to recover the script (emacs usually makes a .R~ 
backup). Maybe if you still have the output printed to screen or 
terminal make a copy of it - you may be able to rewrite with some work. 
If your machine is backed up on regular basis, then try to get the last 
available backup.

Also note that you can view the same file (even while it is in the R 
session) using notepad etc externally. So next time, if you face a 
similar situation then you can check/save externally first.

Regards, Adai

David Young wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just had a rather unpleasant experience.  After considerable work I
> finally got a script working and set it to run.  It had some memory
> allocation problems when I came back so I used Windows to stop it.
> During that process it told me that the script had been changed and
> asked if I wanted to save it.  Not being positive that I'd saved the
> very last changes I said yes.  Now when I turn on R again the script
> is now completely blank.
> I guess my questions are:
> Is there a way to interrupt a program without using Windows?
> Is there anyway to recover my script?
> And a nice to know:
> Anybody know why it saved blank space as the new script?
> Thanks for any advice.
> A humble, and humbled, new R user.

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